Mobility and Communication Public Meetings 2019 Feedback

Suggestions from the public meetings September 2019:

Public Transport
• Much, much smaller buses – more often – to encourage more people to use them.
• Electric mini-bus service shuttle.
• As a pensioner, I would rather pay a nominal fare to keep the buses going.
• Integrated transport system. Smaller buses.
• Connect with Transition Stroud transport group.
• Rely on cars reducing due to more public transport rather than start building new roads and making radical changes.
• Bus to Cheltenham.
• Bus service that also includes links to Eastcombe.
• A circular bus route.
• Bus – circular bus driving through village into Stroud and back.
• Reducing the school run. Maintain school buses. Incentivise use of buses/walking.
• Better bus service – less £ – more service.
• Better public transport/bus system.
• Future proofing – buses, deliveries.
• Reducing cost of buses to make people favour use of buses over their own cars.

Better buses – coordinate with other parishes, Stroud.
Electric Vehicles
• Push for electric cars by 2030 all powered from solar/wind – local generation.
• Electric charging point.
• Electric charging point.
• Promotion of electric vehicles.
Local charging facilities?
Shared Transport
• Shared ownership and collective use of transport.
• A scheme to share taxis. Taxis could be subsidised by SDC, so passengers would pay equivalent of a bus fare. This may be cheaper than investing in a fleet of electric buses.
• Bisley Car Club.
• DIY building of transport. Cooking together.
• Shared cars to Stroud and back with meeting places.
• Car share?

• Car share database. Car pool.
• Encourage lift-share and local distribution of delivery.
• Taxi share.
• Car pool schemes.

Share schemes
Cycling, etc.
• Cycle path networks – Bisley Stroud Eastcombe Chalford.
• Cycle routes/paths.
• Bike lane Bisley to Stroud, and shared e-bikes for village use.
• Canal/boat. Cargo bikes. Servicing of bikes in a social setting/club; Horse transport.
• Bicycle lanes Bisley to Stroud.

• Creation of cycle paths.
• Bridleway signs need repainting.
• E-bike pool schemes – but is it safe?
Cycle routes to/from and around parish.
• Dr Crouch Rd must be speed controlled for sake of children.
• Speed limit in Eastcombe 20mph
• Speed controls for entry into village from Bisley.
• 20mph limit in Eastcombe.
• Speed bumps and chicanes where appropriate.
• No speed humps chicanes etc.
• Speed camera?
• Get cars off the roads.
• Punch points and code entering village.
• Traffic lights at Stirrup Cup where road narrows through village towards Hay Hedge Lane.
• Sleeping policmen on Cheltenham and Stroud Roads and High Street.
• Traffic lights on the top road for slowing traffic?
• Traffic-calming outside George stores.
• Pinch-points at roads entering the village.
• Discourage use of Farm Lane to reduce traffic travelling from Frampton Mansell via Farm Lane to Oakridge (e.g. weight limit/speed limit).
• ‘Green’ lanes like they have in Jersey where speed limit is low (e.g. 15mph) to provide safe roads for cycling and walking.
• 20mph speed limit on road to school.

Effective/acceptable traffic calming.
• Widen the Bisley bypass and keep the village traffic free.
• Exit from Crouch’s Road to Toadsmoor is dangerous. Make one-way into village. Bus services for schools and Stroud leads to lots of pedestrians.
• End of Dr. Crouch Road onto Toadsmoor – very dangerous – make it one-way.
• Bisley bypass?
• Deliniation of road surfaces to roads so that they are throughfares where cars are invited.
• Priorities Rd marking Bisley Road.

• Widening the road between Stirrup Cup and other end – with traffic calming to keep speed down.
• Bypass for village.
• Fill in potholes.
• Poor road surface on Cheltenham Road.
• Potholes are a real problem that needs to be solved.
• One-way street re. High Street.
• Wider bypass road and remove pinch-point near the Stirrup Cup.
• Bisley bypass. Restrict traffic in High Street.
• Fill in the potholes.

• Changes to highway network e.g. classified “quiet roads” hierarchy.
• Road maintenance (improve).
• GPS to remove Farm Lane from route from A419.

Road changes by GCC Highways?
Car Parking
• Sort out parking by Eastcombe shop!
• Parking area around Londis shop and green. Crossroads at allotments/pleasure ground. School road one way (primary).
• NO parking on pavement.
• Park outside the village – delivery only. Bisley High Street – very dangerous.
• Outer car park for avoiding more congestion in village.
• Maybe put in a car park – possibly in part of the field the fete is held on. Could also encourage tourists in the village.
• NO parking on pavement.

• Insisting on off-road parking spaces for all new houses to keep roads being littered with on-road parking.

Control of/provision for car parking.
• Pavements along ‘main’ roads.
• Pedestrianised areas. Perception of walking rather than driving areas. In front of school village car free.
• Pedestrian way around cemetery – especially important for school access.

• Verges mowed so people can walk off the roads.
• Footpaths from Bisley to the Green Shop (at the moment this is a very unpleasant walk!).
• Footpath to green Shop via Calfway [Lane] and across fields at back.

• Back o’Bob’s Lane very overgrown.

New footpaths/pavements?
• A collection hub for Amazon goods, etc.
• Strict planning conditions regarding development within village – size of vehicles for delivery etc.

• Delivery hub for internet purchasers (reduce carbon footprint).
• Are next day home deliveries sustainable? A lot of vans … not efficient.
• Encourage … local distribution of delivery.
Local coordination of deliveries.
• Mobile mast please.
• Better comms – encourage coverage with sensitive sites (base stations).
• We should focus in the 10 year time frame on improving our communications infrastructure – roads and parking – to prosper our economy.
• No 5G masts – safety, health, children!
• Improved website and forum (?).
• Internet speeds. Mobile phone coverage.


• Promotion of small, green businesses that provide services for local people.
• Promotion of home working.
• Control use of vehicles used in business but using domestic premises.
• New ‘growth’ policies to allow local business.
Move to Energy/Employment?