Roger Budgeon

I have worked in Bisley for 35 years and lived here, in Far Oakridge, for more than 20 years. I run a number of businesses all originating from a rural garage petrol station. Through the 1980’s I could see more clearly that we needed to change the way we lived on the planet to enable mankind’s future sustainability. The garage business evolved to create first the Greenshop, then Rainharvesting Systems and then a solar company, Greenshop Solar. I originally started working life as an electrical engineer in the aircraft industry.
I come from the standpoint that we share this planet with all the other lifeforms and we need them, from the smallest organisms that are the lowest in the food chain to the largest, and most dominant – us. From this I started changing my business and lifestyle to accommodate this thinking, with the business I hope to enable others to change as well. With the flooding and serious weather events in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the rainharvesting side took off first, now as energy, food and plastic issues are becoming stronger so the solar and energy saving, and Greenshop “local” and “loose food” are taking off.
Not only do I believe in this way forward I am intent on driving it through the business and the Parish Council and any other means. I grow most of our own fruit and vegetables and believe in taking a long term perspective on life into the future and through vehicles like this NDP I hope to enable us all to aim for a sustainable future.