Energy and Economy

Energy and Economy Feedback from Public Meetings September 2019

Points that were raised by parishioners at Bisley, Eastcombe and Oakridge meetings – all of them:-

Insulate older buildings

Community Energy Schemes – decentralised energy generation.

Change Policy to allow older/Listed properties and churches to have solar panels.

More cycleways and footpaths, particularly on the busier roads, Eastcombe to Birdlip and Bisley to Stroud.

Listed Building should be allowed to have double glazing.

Wind turbines generating local electricity.

People need to use less energy need to get use to wind turbines and solar panels.

More solar panels.

All planning applications should include renewable energy and improved insulation.

Listed buildings should be allowed energy upgrades.

General conversation about the connection between local people and “community”, the local economy, local food local energy

More power and decisions from the local community.

Generally people talked more about their concerns around energy supply, having wind turbines and solar panels, than the economy. All the meetings mentioned the importance of a thriving local economy. Bisley and Oakridge specifically raised about growing more food and growing trees. The amount of equine land use was raised.

The Bisley meeting talked about a “business Hub” and becoming more self sufficient in food and energy. They talked about Smart Meters making people more aware of their energy consumption – “put an extra jumper on”!

Eastcombe talked about solar panels on Thomas Keble and Eastcombe Village Hall and a wind turbine to specifically supply Eastcombe energy. They also mentioned district heating, like Miserden, also energy storage.

Oakridge meeting talked about community farming, change land use form set aside to make more employment, and more local food growing.

We only had one person in the three meetings that failed to recognise the possible effects of climate change, any necessary mitigation, resilience and sustainability, and promoted a “business as usual’ model.

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