Public Meetings

Bisley-Eastcombe-Oakridge 2030 – September Public Meetings.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Public meetings held in September 2019. We have gained lots of really useful information regarding your views on the topics covered (Housing, Mobility, Landscape, Wildlife, Energy & Economy).

The Steering Group is now engaged in analysing this information and drawing out the common themes in each area. Once this exercise is completed, we will attempt to expand these common themes for further public consultation with a view to formulating your requirements into draft policies, for further discussion. We will be asking people who have volunteered to help with this process to get involved within the next few weeks. We shall also be seeking advice from GRCC (Gloucestershire Rural Community Council) to ensure that we are progressing effectively and keeping within the NDP Guidelines.

Public meeting at Eastcombe September 2019

Hopefully within the next few weeks we will be able to publish the results of the work conducted to date, as well as being able to offer the facility to allow the public to comment and add their views on any relevant topic. In the meantime if you have any comments or would like to get involved in this exciting project then please contact either the Parish Clerk or any member of the Steering Group.