Bisley-with-Lypiatt Parish Council

NDP Objectives

  1. To support and encourage sustainable development that is in keeping with the character of the built and natural environment and to ensure any development is well designed and reflects the heritage and distinctive character of the Parish.


  1. To enhance/increase biodiversity by encouraging and supporting enhancement, creation, and promotion of wildlife corridors and habitats.


  1. To conserve, protect and enhance our distinctive landscapes.


  1. To ensure that any new housing or development meets the community demand. New developments shall take into account the demand for smaller properties required for downsizing and first time buyers (including self-build, open market, and appropriate low cost housing).


  1. To create, enhance and maintain existing open green public spaces to provide outdoor recreation whilst retaining the balance with wildlife, flora, and fauna, and develop their nature conservation potential.


  1. To create a safe and enjoyable environment for the community to be able to walk, cycle and drive with care and mutual respect – preserve and enhance our recreational spaces, footpaths, and allotments.


  1. To ensure that as transport options change suitable facilities are implementedg. EV charging Points, improved Bus services, Cycleways and Footpaths are created and maintained to support future demand. To provide safe access to local facilities and public transport links and promote a modal shift to active and sustainable transport.


  1. To encourage and support enterprise development and opportunities for employment in the parish to enhance the prospects of the local economy especially where the development directly links living and working on the land or serving a community need.


  1. To promote local energy saving and generation measures, both individual small scale and larger community schemes.  To encourage the decrease in energy use by insulation and reduce the demand to travel.